Week beginning 13th July 2020

Phonics (June and July)

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will review sounds we have learnt so far. Then Thursday is a Tricky Word day and Friday is our Handwriting day. This is our last week of home learning but remember the additional phonics activity are on the next page. Keep reading, keep writing and practising your sounds.


W/C Monday 13th July

Monday- Review of Set 3 sounds ow and ai

Tuesday- Review of Set 3 sounds oa and ew

Wednesday- Review of Set 3 sounds au and ue

Thursday- Page 7 of booklet (of, said, says, are, were)

Friday- Handwriting Practise 6- Number formations


Helpful websites-

www.phonicsplay.co.uk  or there new website new.phonicsplay.co.uk which you can access with Username: march20 and Password: home

www.twinkl.co.uk has a wide range of phonics resources

IXL website, using the IXL – Home Learning link. The English sections F- Blending and Segmenting through to K- Sight words . The username name is the first letter of your first name followed by your surname. Then all Year 1 children have the same password- sunshine1.