Meet Mollie Hughes

Mollie Hughes is a Mountaineer, Adventurer and Motivational Speaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2012 Mollie summited Mount Everest from the South side via Nepal.

In Spring 2017 Mollie returned to Mount Everest to attempt a summit from the North via Tibet. Mollie was very successful and became the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest from both sides and also the first English woman to do so. We have sponsored Mollie as she is a fantastic role model for pupils and we wish her well in her expedition.  She has even pitched a St John Vianney Primary flag to the top of Everest!!!

The pupils in Year 5 interviewed Mollie via Skype with their questions regarding her past and future expeditions.  We have followed Mollie throughout her journey  (literally, as she was wearing a tracking device) and we have links to her website where she posts regular updates. 

In October 2017 Mollie came into school and lead an assembly about her amazing adventure to Mount Everest earlier in the year.  She brought along her specialised equipment and shared her exciting stories with us.  She is a true inspiration!