Remote learning information for parents

4th January 2022
Dear Parents/carers, 
As you are all aware the Omicron variant of COVID is presenting challenges for everyone.  If your child needs to isolate, but is still well enough to work, then please inform school.  A bespoke teaching and learning resource pack will be made and emailed to you via Teams or email, whichever you prefer to support you and your child at home.  

Please remember we are here to help, if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact school.  We have some remaining computers and Wi-Fi dongles which can be dropped off at your house if needed in the event of isolation.
Take care and God Bless. 
Mrs Thorpe - Headteacher 
Sept 2021 
Dear parents/ carers, 
Please be aware that if your child needs to access any online learning due to COVID, then work will be sent to you directly for your child to access.  All work will be personally targeted to best support your child. 
Please do not hesitate to speak to staff at anytime if you need help. 
Take care and God Bless 
Mrs Thorpe - Headteacher 
8th March 2021 
Dear Parents/carers, 
As we move into a post COVID return to school, please know that we continue to be here to support your child n their learning if they need to isolate at anytime.  
If and when bubbles need to close, work will be uploaded daily onto Teams or SeeSaw and staff will always be available to support and help you. 
Please do not hesitate to ask via telephone, email on online (Teams/ SeeSaw).
Take care 
God Bless 

Mrs Thorpe - Headteacher 
5th January 2021
Dear parents/carers, 
Here is a sample of the type of work which has been uploaded for pupils following the national school closure in Jan 2021.  
Please remember that all work is moving into bespoke classes for individual teachers to provide the best support possible from Monday 11th Jan 2021.  Year 1 to Year 6 are using Teams and Reception & Nursery are using SeeSaw to communicate with their classes individually,  Every pupil has their own login and should log onto the system daily to read work, access what they need to do and then submit work.  Teachers will upload work daily, to enable them to respond to queries in the most timely and immediate way possible.  
All families, who need it or request it will be given some technology eg. school laptop, amazon kindle, ipad etc which they will be able to use at home.  Internet access codes are available for everyone who needs them from school, please ring the office for further information.  
For any family who wants/needs it paper copies of work will be provided for collection form the school office.  Please ensure you have contacted the school office who will arrange it with the class teacher for you.  
All families who need emotional support on top of school work, please know that we are in school every day so there is always someone to talk to.  Pease ring, email or message via Teams or SeeSaw an a staff member will contact you. 
Teachers will be making weekly phone calls to support you with your child's learning, please always ask if there is anything further you may need to help you. 
We all know how challenging this period of temporary school closure is for our families, but be assured we are all in school every day and here to help you with any and all of your child's learning.  
Take care of yourselves and keep in touch.

God Bless 
Mrs Thorpe - Head Teacher