Collective Worship at Home

Collective Worship at home
Each week in school we have a collective worship provided to each year group bubble. This is based on the Sunday reading in Church.
Miss Elliot will prepare a weekly liturgy which will be delivered by class teachers in school. You can use this at home with your child/children. Every week, the previous Liturgy is removed. Please look out for a new Liturgy uploaded each week on this page. 
Alternative options:
This resource has been created for Catholic primary schools. The videos include a priest reading the gospel, someone explaining the meaning of the gospel and then a song for the children to listen to. They last around 10 minutes. This is a lovely resource that will be used in the classroom for those children in school and for use at home.
Then click on: Series Three

Series Three of The Mark 10 Mission reflects on the Sunday Gospels from the 2nd Sunday of Christmas until the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Remember to check out our teachers’ guide for ways to get the children involved with the content.


CAFOD also offer a Virtual children's liturgy that you can access each week.